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More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the Qualification Standards (QS) for the positions to be hired? For the minimum requirements, please refer to "Job Description and Qualifications" tab. Additional requirements may be required, depending on your chosen employer.

Preferably, applicants should not belong to the high-risk population for COVID: senior citizens, pregnant, immunocompromised, with existing co-morbid conditions such as diabetes, HPN, heart disease, asthma,lung disease, cancer, etc.

Should preferably be non-smokers.
Is there an age limit in hiring HRH? As per the ECQ rules, we may only hire those who are 60 years old and below for this emergency hiring.
Can I apply if my PRC ID is expired? Valid/active PRC is required for practice of profession, based on Civil Service Commission rules. Pls. refer to PRC advisory on renewal of license during ECQ
My license expired during the ECQ. Will I be considered? Per PRC Advisory:
The validity of the Professional Identification Card (PICs) of all professionals expiring during the period of Enhanced Community Quarantine period is EXTENDED until the lifting of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Further, please be advised that after the lapse of the extension period, all concerned professionals shall file their application online for PIC renewal within thirty (30) days therefrom without accruing an surcharges or penalties.

Thus, PRC IDs that expired from March 16, 2020 onwards are considered valid/active.
Will you accept those with valid/active PRC ID but lacking relevant experience and/or training for the position? Please check "Job Description and Qualifications" for the minimum requirements set by DOH. 

However, health facilities who shall manage their recruitment process are given the discretion to set their preferred qualifications, based on the needs of their institution.
Does I need to submit an authenticated PRC license? Copy of PRC license which is not authenticated will be accepted during this period, but original PRC ID must be presented upon reporting to the health facility.
Do I need to have my Personal Data Sheet notarized? Unnotarized PDS will be accepted at this period. Kindly ensure that complete information is provided. If submitted electronically, original signed copy has to be brought when asked to physically report to the facility
Why can't I access the link for the PDS? You may download the PDS from this link
Can applicants with co-morbidities apply? Applicants with co-morbidities (e.g. Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, etc) are strongly discouraged to apply for their own safety.
I am not a medical professional but interested in applying. Are there possible job offers for me? Kindly refer to QS of support staff such as Nursing Attendant, Administrative Assistant, and Administrative Aide in the "Job Description and Qualifications" tab.



Where can I inquire about details on this Emergency hiring? Kindly refer to this FAQs. Should you have additional queries not answered here, kindly email your queries to [email protected]
Which facilities are hiring additional HRH? Kindly refer to the "Places of Assignment" tab and the "Health Facilities Open for Hiring"
Where can I check the vacancies? The hiring health facility shall post Notice of Vacancy through their respective platforms as applicable.
Where to submit application documents? Interested applicants must submit requirements directly to the hiring health facility. Please check the "Health Facilities Open for Hiring" tab.
Can I submit my application documents online or via email since ECQ is in effect? This will depend on the facility but health facilities are strongly encouraged to provide such option.
How will I be notified if I got accepted (or not)? The HR / Personnel Office of the hiring health facilities will notify the short-listed applicants within 5 working days upon receipt of requirements.
I already submitted my application to the Health Care Warrior's (HCW) Portal. Do I need to submit my application again? All applications received in the HCW Portal shall be endorsed to the respective health facilities for reference. The health facilties may directly contact the volunteer for the application process. Interested individuals who signed up as volunteers through the portal are also encouraged to contact the health facilities for further guidance on the application process.
How about the volunteers who are currently on quarantine but still interested to apply in the emergency hiring, will they still be processed? Yes, as long as they are in the list of volunteers in the HCW portal and the result of their test is negative.


What will my duty schedule be? The duty schedule will depend on the facility that you have applied to. Prior to starting your duty, expect to attend an orientation on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the facility.



Will I be hired for a permanent/regular/plantilla position? In the exigency of service during the state of National Health Emergency, the Department of Health will implement emergency hiring of health workers through contract of service, as mandated under Sec (m) of the Bayanihan to Heal As One Act (Republic Act No. 11469) on "temporary engagement of Human Resources for Health to complement or supplement the current health workforce or to man the temporary medical facilities to be established.
How long will I be employed? Successful applicants will be hired for 3 months under Contract of Service, renewable as needed.
What will be my job description? 

Refer to "Job Description and Qualifications" tab.

Further details will be elaborated in the contract of service.



Will I be provided with board and lodging after duty hours and while on mandatory home quarantine so I won't expose my family unnecessarily? Yes, the health facility you are engaged with, in collaboration with appropriate government agencies and/or the private sector, will arrange for your board and lodging after your duty hours and while on mandatory quarantine.
Will I be provided with transportation? Yes, the health facility you are engaged with, in collaboration with the respective LGUs or other appropriate government entities, will arrange for your transportation to and from your place of assignment.
Will my salary be released on time? Release of salaries will be subject to the submission of complete documentary requirements from the health personnel and the health facility, as well as the release of funds from the Department of Budget and Management.
Can I see sample computation of the net pay I will receive every month? Salary will be computed as:

Basic salary + 20% premium, less tax (based on salary grade and number of days of duty). Other benefits will be computed based on the provisions of the Bayanihan to Heal As One Act (Republic Act No. 11469) and related implementing guidelines issued by the DBM.

Details of salary and other benefits as prescribed under RA 11469 will be included in the Contract of Service.
How many CPD units will I earn? Accreditation of CPD units is subject to PRC rules and regulations.
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