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Does the concurrent use of ibuprofen worsen COVID-19 symptoms? (NEW! April 21, 2020)

  • Key Finding: Currently, there are no direct evidence from published scientific studies to determine whether the use of Ibuprofen is related to increased risk of COVID-19 or of a more severe disease. There are only anecdotal case reports of four (4) COVID-19 patients that suggested that Ibuprofen use maybe asociated with worsening of symptoms.


Among patients with hypertension, is the use of RAAS antagonists associated with severe COVID disease or COVID-related deaths?

  • Key Finding: Among patients with hypertension who have confirmed COVID-19 infection, there is insufficient evidence that RAS antagnoists are associated with mortality or severe COVID-19 disease.


Updated as of April 22, 2020


Through the volunteer work of more than 50 EBM practitioners, methodologists and students from the UP Institute of Clinical Epidemiology and Asia-Pacific Center for Evidence-Based HealthCare, the Philippine Society of Microbiological and Infectious Diseases (PSMID) had graciously agreed to host these rapid evidence reviews on COVID19. The aim is to retrieve, appraise, summarize and update the available evidence on COVID-related management, to assist the frontline health workers, local policymakers and government officials in their evidence-based critical decision-making.
The reviews should not replace individual clinical judgement and the sources cited should be checked. The views are not a substitute for professional medical advice. The views expressed represent the views of the authors and not necessarily those of their host institutions. This may change as new evidences emerges.
A discussion of the general methods used can be found here: Rapid Evidence Review General Methods.
For any questions or information, please email [email protected].